Tarifa, Spain – Your Holiday Experience

Tarifa is a small town in the Andalusia region on the southernmost coast of Spain.

It is known as one of the worlds most popular destinations for wind sports and with stiff Atlantic winds, it is particularly popular as a kite surfing destination.

The town is steeped in history and has narrow streets to explore, with lots of shops, cafes, bars and clubs.

Morocco is just across the water and there is a strong Arabian influence on the style and cuisine in Tarifa.

On days when you aren’t kite surfing, why not take a day trip to Morocco or try a whale watching cruise?

On the boundaries of every beach there are various chiringuitos (beach bars) to relax, eat, have a drink and chat with your friends after your adventures on the water that day.

These laid back, cool and funky bars are the perfect environment to relax with a mojito and watch the sunset.

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And relax

Tarifa Activities

In the town there are a variety of activities to choose from; excellent shopping, market stalls, boutiques, with a selection of flavours, vibes and experiences.

In many of the squares, filled with tapas bars and exotic restaurants, you can be entertained by talented young street artists.

Many of the restaurants have a Moroccan influence but there is a mixture of traditional Spanish, European, Western, Mexican and Italian cuisine plus of course some fantastic seafood restaurants.

Fresh fish is brought in on a daily basis from the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas with a wide variety to choose from.

While our focus in Tarifa is Kitesurfing, there are many other activities to try when visiting.

We recognise that not everyone wants to Kitesurf so please find following some alternative activities to try.

If you wish us to organise any of these so they are booked in for your arrival please acvise on your booking form, alternatively your on-site host lives in the area and can advise and assist you on your holiday.

Horse Riding

A fantastic way to enjoy the amazing scenery along the coastline of Tarifa is by horseback.

You can enjoy a short ride along sandy beaches or trek into the hills on Andalusian horses or friendly ponies.

Whether you’re learning to ride or are an advanced rider, the local stables offer a variety of trips to make the most of your experience.

Redwoods Cable Park Marbella

Jjust a short drive along the Southern Coast of Spain is the fantastic Redwoods Cable Park.

This cable system has five pulleys and is considered to be one of the best facilities in Spain, with six features and the capacity to run 9 people at any time this really is a must on those rare days when the wind just doesn’t come.


If you want to get the most out of your windsurfing experience in Tarifa there are many specialist schools where you can rent ultra-modern equipment and take a lesson from some of the best riders in the world.

Whether you’re 7 or 70 these schools have the right equipment for your ability so you can learn, practice or shred out there in harmony with the kiters.


The best time to surf in Tarifa is between September & May off El Palmar beach, as it is facing west and receives the most constant swells formed by low pressures out in the Atlantic Ocean.

During the summer months however, even though the swells are less frequent, the warmer water and higher air temperatures make the environment perfect to catch your first wave and learn this fantastic sport.

SUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This ancient form of surfing has evolved into a fantastic no wind activity.

It is a great way to explore the coast line along Tarifa whilst keeping in shape and developing core stability and strength.

Variations include SUP yoga and of course SUP surfing on the medium swell.

Whale Watching

During your visit to Tarifa, why not enjoy this educational activity?

There is an abundance of natural wildlife living and travelling through the Strait of Gibraltar. Migrating through the Strait from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, and vice versa are four different types of Whales; Pilot, Sperm, Fin and Killer Whales.

They share the National Park waters with three different types of dolphin; Common, Striped and Bottlenose.

There is an indescribable beauty in watching these fantastic creatures in their natural habitat whilst learning about the necessity to conserve their ecological environment.

Day Trips

The historical old town of Tarifa is full of interesting and educational places and a day trip around the town is a great way to learn about the history of the area.

The well preserved Guzman castle gives an excellent vantage point to view the city, from the defensive walls you get the most amazing view of the port, the Strait of Gibraltar and just over 10 miles away the view of Morocco.

Day trips to Tangier Morocco are available from the port and you can also take trips to Marrakech, Rabat and Cassablanca.

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Tarifa Holiday Accommodation

Chillout zone
highcompress-Tarifa Kitchen and Bar

Our amazing light and airy corner house duplex, which has great views looking out to the ocean and Africa beyond is open to all who wish to visit this beautiful town.

It is located within a few minutes walk of the harbour, beach and the shops, restaurants and bars of Old Town, Tarifa.

Situated just outside the historic walls of the Old Town the location is perfect, providing you with all the amenities Tarifa has to offer.

The accommodation comprises of 4 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and lounge / dining area.

Book on one of our Kitesurfing packages and your accommodation is included in the price – click for more information.

We have found that single Kitesurfers, and friends alike, enjoy socialising with others in our Kite Accommodation as they learn together and can discuss key learning points while sharing a drink in the many beach bars in the evening.

They also support each other during the lessons and while progressing on the beach.



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