Be Active

Activities for Active Individuals

The island of Korcula offers an abundance of activities to fill your days with excitement and laughter, from kitesurfing to hiking, biking and scuba diving.

The team at Total Activity Holidays can arrange everything for you, whether you’re a beginner or at an advanced level, for the activity, you want to enjoy.

No matter if you’re an adrenaline junkie or want to explore the nature and surroundings on the beautiful island of Korcula, there will be plenty of activities to keep you active during your holiday.


Kitesurfing on Korcula is a dream. With adequate space and perfect windy spots on the island, you’ll enjoy the day kitesurfing whether you’re a complete novice or quite advanced.

Our expert tuition packages are uniquely designed to give you time with your instructor and in the water. Most people on their holiday stay with us at the White House in Lumbarda for a week and choose to take part in kitesurfing over a handful of days.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll join a group of up to six people, be talked through the theory, shown some tips during the practical, and have a fun time practising with everyone else in the group.


Want something a little different on your holiday this Summer?

We offer an exclusive package with sailing holidays departing from Split or Dubrovnik in Croatia.

You can choose to book your sailing experience with us and combine it with a week’s relaxing accommodation at the White House in Lumbarda: experiencing the most the Island has to offer.

Our experienced skipper can teach you how to sail (if you wish), and there is an abundance of water activities available throughout your voyage across the Adriatic Sea.

Hiking & Biking

Korcula has several different walking and hiking routes around the island, some of which are familiar to most locals and others that are “off the beaten path”.

Any level of walker can enjoy these walks or hikes, whether you’re an experienced rambler or part of a walking group at home or are a beginner and want to explore the marvellous views the island has to offer.

Being in Lumbarda, there are a few half-day walks in the area, and some other longer full-day walks in other parts of the island.
We have maps with suggested routes and can help book you a walking activity with a guide.

There are also a handful of different routes you can take if you choose to hire a bike.


This ancient form of surfing has evolved into a fantastic no wind activity. It is a great way to explore the coastline whilst keeping in shape and developing core stability and strength. Variations include stand up paddle boarding yoga and stand-up surfing.

If you want a good workout on your holiday while exploring the beautiful Korčula archipelago, then paddleboarding off the island is the ideal activity. Basic tours last for around 2 to 3 hours, and all equipment is provided. As with other water-based activities, you will need a basic level of swimming and the motivation to learn a new skill.

This is a great way to take part in an island activity and be relaxed enough to take in the area’s beauty.

Sea Kayaking

An adventure as you paddle through the crystal clear waters in the Korcula archipelago. Some parts of the island are best accessed using a kayak, so you may discover some secluded beaches that not many other people know about.

Exploring the coastline by kayak is something else: you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking views of the island by the sea while experiencing island life on the water at your own pace. Paddling along with the sun beating down and the slight breeze in the air, this is one activity you don’t want to miss.


Snorkelling in the crystal clear waters around Korcula is a fantastic way to experience what the island offers.

You can expect to see a vast array of marine life, from schools of fish, crabs, seahorses, starfish, and an abundance of plant life. With visibility being quite clear in the Summer months, you can explore the underwater world without putting on full scuba-diving gear and being certified.

Day trips are available, and our team can help you plan the best possible places to see the beautiful underwater reefs and the colourful life that exists in Croatia just under the water. It’s also a great way to explore while topping up your tan and enjoying the warm weather.


Whether you’ve dived in many different parts of the world or it’s your first time, you’ll find that diving off the island of Korcula to be a great experience, with lots of underground caves, rocks and different types of coral.

During the summer months, the average air temperature is around 25C to 30C, with visibility varying from 10m to 40m. Sea currents are slight to medium (depending on the time you choose to dive).

There are several areas to explore, including several wrecks (Foruntal, Bironi and the B-17 near Vis island), with a good chance of seeing soft sponges and corals, octopus, moray eels, groupers, and seahorses.

Our team can help you plan where you want to dive and when.