Baroque Music Festival, Korcula

Baroque Music

The Korcula Baroque Music Festival

Features a programme of international musicians and vocalists and is set in some of the most picturesque architectural buildings in Korcula and it’s surrounding villages. Most notably close to The White House Lumbarda there are events at The Church Gospan and Skga, on the  Korcula archipelago islet of Vrnik; and the Parish of St Rok in Lumbarda itself.

Baroque Classical Music Facts

Baroque music is the period between 1600 – 1750 with notable composers of the time including Bach, Vivaldi, Handel and Purcell.

The name ‘Baroque’ being derived from the Portugese barroca, meaning ‘oddly shaped pearl’.

It ‘s one of the most richest and diverse periods of musical history and composes of several concepts

  • A belief in music as a potent tool of communication, with the ability to arouse any mood to it’s listeners
  • The use of contrast as a dramatic element. mixing harmonies and melodies
  • Allowing musicians to exhibit their creative flair through composers only writing the chords by figures, so the musicians can decide what notes to play, and create the melody on top

Baroque Musical Genres

Many musical genres are still in use today from this culturally important era including:

Opera – A drama, sung alternating between recitative speech like songs that advance the plot, and arias, where the character expresses the mood at that moment in the story.

Oratarios – A religous text based matter, intended to be performed without scenery, costure or action

Contata – Extended pieces of music composed for solo voice and basso continuo, intended for performance at private social gatherings

Sonata – Several movements for one or more instruments, most frequently the violin

Concerto – From the Italian ‘concertare’ mening ‘to join together’ performed with an orchestra, and a soloist, or group of soloists

Suite – Based on the traditional pairings of dance in the Renaissance period, essentially a series of dances performed in the same key

The 2024 Korcula Baroque Festival

Takes Place : 1st September 2024 – 16th September 2024

Location : At various architecturally places of historic significance in korcula and surrounding villages

For tickets and for more information: Visit the website

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