Discover the Best Running Routes on Korcula Island

A guide to scenic runs and local running events near The White House Lumbarda on Korcula Island, Croatia.

Whilst our short walks around Korcula are a great way to explore; for those looking for a faster pace, running around Lumbarda and Korcula is the perfect way to connect with the stunning landscapes and rich culture.

Korcula’s diverse terrain and picturesque scenery offers a multitude of running options no matter of your ability. Regardless if you’re a novice runner or a seasoned marathoner, the island offers something for everyone whether you want to put in some serious mileage or enjoy a flat seafront run.

In this post, we’ll share some of our favourite scenic routes along with some running tips and a few local events.

Our Favourite Running Routes Near The White House Lumbarda

7km Lumbarda Beaches (Ascent 114 m):

You can use the steep steps to take you to the road above our Lumbarda apartments as a warm up before your run begins ( we promise that they end eventually). Then, take the road in the direction of Korcula to enjoy stunning sea views before you descend towards the coast for a beautiful waterfront run taking in the three local beaches of Lumbarda, and the two bays.

Running route past the sandy beaches in Lumbarda

20km Lumbarda Sightseeing (Ascent 381 m):

This 20km route is mostly on the road but does have a few off-road, rough sections. The route offers a great mix with waterfront running, passing the lighthouse and the cliff jumping spot for some lovely photo opportunities, before heading up into the country back roads that wind through the olive groves of the Island. It takes you down to Korcula’s abandoned military tunnels where you can to stop to explore and find the old bunkers, hangars, and defensive machine gun nests that were left here by the Yugoslavian army in the early 90s.

4 km Running tour of Korcula Town (Ascent 132 m)

Short running route around Korcula Town

A fun way to explore the fishbone streets of Korcula is via an early morning run before the towns wakes up properly. You can jump on the bus to Korcula and zig zag through the streets, enjoy a run along the waterfront and then head up to the Svetog Vlaha fortress and viewpoint in Naplov park to get some greats views.

A few tips for running on Korcula Island

Views over Korcula Island on a local run from Lumbarda

The temperature for running in Korcula is perfect in May and early June, at around 20 degrees C. Later in Summer getting out early in the morning before the Mediterranean sun gets intense is a good way to enjoy the peaceful island mornings but once we get to mid September the weather starts to be a little bit more run-friendly.

Always remember to carry water to keep you hydrated (although there are plenty of friendly cafes on Korcula if you need a refill, there are some stretches where you might not see one for a while) and don’t forget your sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect you form the sun on those hot days.

Local Running Events in Croatia in Date Order

Korcula isn’t just about solo runs; you can use it as a hub for running races in the region or maybe time your stay at our Korcula apartments before or after a race and use our in-house yoga lessons to keep you ready for anything!

Korcula Triathlon: If you want to mix it up, the Marco Polo Triathlon  offers a sprint and middle distance. Named after the 13th century explorer who was reputedly born on Korcula Island, the triathlon is usually mid-April so makes the most of the Spring weather.

Dubrovnik Half Marathon: A short ferry ride will have you at the Dubrovnik Half Marathon, which usually takes place at the end of April with a 5k route also on offer. If you fancy something shorter but very challenging, the 2.5k ‘Run the Wall’ route takes you along the city’s uneven and slippery walls! It’s a one off experience to run through the city’s historic streets or walls without the crowds and experience the vibrant culture of Dubrovnik.

“TRK ZA GRK” Lumbarda’s Wine Tasting Run: Korcula’s take on the Marathon du Medoc! A 6km race at the end of May, or beginning of June which visits the 12 Grk wineries of Lumbarda. You must try a wine at each of the wineries that you visit on your run and hopefully you will stall be able to keep your legs going by the end of your run!

Check out our event page for the date for this year!

Brac 5 & 10k: Another short ferry ride away, the Run Croatia team put on a fantastic event on Brac Island at the start of June. A 5 or 10k route will take you through running through ancient olive groves to panoramic sea paths overlooking the Dalmatian islands. 2024 date coming soon.

Ston Wall Marathon

Run along the longest fortified wall in Europe at the Ston Wall Marathon that takes place in September each year. Various races are held allowing competitors of all abilities to join in including the Rocky 4km, Ston(e) 15k and for the hardy the Rockwall 42k.

Apfel Arena Makarska Half Marathon: Another option on the mainland is the Half Marathon in Makarska at the end of October when the weather is becoming milder once again. You can take part as part as a solo, a team of three or opt for the 5k route.

As you can see there are plenty of options for making your base at The White House Lumbarda your running hub,  for every level of runner.

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Check out our yoga retreat weeks as we include guided run options with a running coach who can tailor runs to suit your needs. This means that you won’t have to stop running to look at your map and provides a community spirit to our running adventures, so don’t forget to pack your running shoes and try a scenic running experience in Lumbarda for an unforgettable yoga and running retreat.

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