Your Holiday Itinerary : Crafting Memorable 3, 5, and 7-Night Stays in Lumbarda, Korcula Island, Croatia.

Holiday itinerary suggestions whil stayig at The White House Lumbarda. Image depicts happy couple, sun hat, camera, glasses and a diary to plan your visit.

It is rare for tourists to come to Korcula Island for less than 3 days and there are a few reasons for this.

  1. It is one of the few islands with sandy beaches and so makes it the perfect destination for travellers to head to for some rest and relaxation in between Island Hopping.
  2. It is situated ideally between Split and Dubrovnik which makes it the perfect Island destination for those wanting a rest between a two ‘city’ destination. Many of our guests fly into one of these towns and leave from the other so they spend a weekend in one, the week relaxing in our comfortable accommodation at The White House Lumbarda, and the the next weekend at their final destination, and
  3. Korcula Island’s close proximity ( being in between) both Mljet and Hvar coupled with the excellent ferry system makes it an idyllic island to stay on and carry out shorter day trips to these two islands.

So, whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, a creative soul, or a hopeless romantic; join us as we unveil a range of curated itineraries designed for 3, 5, and 7-night stays, ensuring that, no matter the duration, your time in Lumbarda is nothing short of magical.

From thrilling activities to serene encounters with nature, from inspiring spaces for creatives to romantic escapes for couples, discover why Lumbarda on Korcula Island is the perfect destination for every type of traveller. Let the exploration begin!

A 3 Day Itinerary Staying at The White House Lumbarda, Korcula Island.

Day 1 / Night 1 Arrival Day

Check in is after 4pm at The White House Lumbarda, unless you have booked direct and then we will do our best to have your accommodation ready for 2pm.

If you arrive earlier it may be possible for us to store your bags while you explore the picturesque village of Lumbarda.

We recommend following our Short Walk – Around Lumbarda on arrival as this will help you get your bearings. During this walk you will not only pass the main attractions of this beautiful village, but also the iconic landmarks that have visitors returning year after year ( see our best places to take photographs post) ; so take a bottle of water and your camera or mobile phone and enjoy a leisurely stroll around the village.

Sights you will pass by include:

  • Two of the best wineries in the area
  • The North and the South Sandy Beaches
  • The Small Church on the Roundabout
  • The most easterly point of the island – the lighthouse at Racise
  • The coastal path linking the beaches to the village
  • The Hop On/ Off Water Taxi stop for Day 2
  • The marina
  • All the amenities in the village including bars/ restaurants/ shops and and the square where evening activities occur.


Day 2/ Night 2 Exploration Day of The Korcula Archipelago and Korcula Old Town ‘ Little Dubrovnik’

We suggest catching the Hop On / Hop Off Water Taxi.

The first stop is Vrnik Island where the old  Korcula livelihood of stonemasonry was rife. In its day there were 29 quarries operating on this Island and a short walk to one of the old quarries is worth the exploration.

Now Vrnik visitors come to see the recently established Art Gallery, restaurant and souvenir shop; visit the old School building which houses photographs of the Stonemason industry, view the limestone architecture and to swim and snorkel in the secluded coves that can be found here.

A short water taxi trip to Badija follows and the 2km footpath around the island which provides great views of both the Croatia Peninsula and of Korcula Town.

You are likely to be met and greeted on entry to Badija Island by the locals – fallow deer who inhabit the island. A visit to the Franciscan Monastery to learn the fascinating history of this beautiful structure is also worth  investigating.

Hop on the water taxi again and take the late afternoon to explore Korcula Town and its fishbone maze of cobbled streets. It is worth booking our recommended tour here to ensure you capture all the sights of this delightful UNESCO Heritage Town in the limited time you have available. View here for more information on the sights of Korcula Town 

Stay to dine alfresco, choosing from one of the many restaurants that are found along the town’s walls; or if you are in the mood for something more fancy then the only Michelin Starred restaurant can also be found here. Watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail on the turret at Messimo Bar, and if you are in Town when the Sword Dance is on, end your evening watching the light-footed, toe – tapping, sword strikes at the Korcula Sword Dance. A must see show for anyone visiting the Island!

To return to Lumbarda at night a short 10 minute taxi will take you home.

Day 3 / Night 3

After the previous days exploration its time for some rest and relaxation.

Enjoy soaking up the beautiful panoramic sea view of Lumbarda from your private balcony at The White House Lumbarda whilst enjoying a leisurely breakfast and then settle down for a day relaxing in either the sun or shade offered by your accommodation. Alternatively take the short stroll to one of the sandy beaches and top up your tan. For the more active snorkelling equipment can be found in the local shop and by the marina paddleboards, kayaks and jet skiing is available; allowing further explorations of the smaller islets and coves nearby.

After a day relaxing take a short walk to one of the local wineries and enjoy the delicious tapas on offer while savouring the local ‘Grk’ wine; exclusive to this area of Croatia.

Delicious seafood and Mediterranean restaurants abound the shoreline around the bays of Lumbarda, check the live music nights out at Beach Bar Prvi Zal  and Ba Ba Bar. If you are here on a Wednesday night or a Friday night then head to the main Square for an evening performance of local folk dancing, or the Friday night  Fishermans Evening to try local delicacies and purchase some local produce.

Day 4

Check out is at 10am at The White House Lumbarda. Take in one last breath of the view, pack your bags and we look forward to your return visit on these sun-kissed shores again.

One thing we can be sure of, if you are only staying 3 nights you will have wished you had booked more!


A 5  Day Itinerary Staying at The White House Lumbarda, Korcula Island.

Adding an extra couple of days on to your stay, and we will help you unwind even more. Following the 3 night itinery and the previous day was a day for rest and relaxation and so for the next day we suggest taking the opportuity to see more of the Island.

Day 4 / Night 4

Whether you hire a moped or prefer pedal power taking time to explore hidden coves and the inland nature reserve of Kocje National Park is an adventure in nature that we highly recommend.

The inland area of Zrnovo is famous for it’s locally made Makaruni and there are a number of excellent restaurants for you to sample this gastranomical delight whilst also taking time out for a fun adventure among Kocje National Park and its labryinth maze of pathways.

If you are staying with us at the end of July then  Zronovo has its own festival day which includes workshops in Makaruni making. You can find out more about this on our events page here

Whilst bike rides are great for the soul, a moped will allow you to explore further and depending where you decide to venture you will surely find yourself in other wine regions and produce-making areas allowing you to sample locally produced goods and drink which you can purchase to enjoy when relaxing on your balcony once you return from your day trip. Ask your host for recommendations of Olive Oil, Gin Tasting, and Local Produce farms nearby.

We recommend a trip to Blato where the Barilo Family created their living museum showcasing the historic way of live for Korculeans living on the island, and the Marija Petkovic Sanctuary. Marija Petkovic was born in Blato and devoted her life to helping poor and impoverished children.

The local village shop has bikes, e-bikes and mopeds to rent and provide a map of the area for your to explore, however if you do fancy a guided tour then check out his blog post here for our recommended bike tour.

Day 5 / Night 5

Having been out exploring all day. Our recommendation is another day at the beach or chilling on your balcony for some more rest and relaxation. However we do also have some recommendations of other local tour groups which you may find of interest if you can only rest for a short while.

The following tour activities only take a few hours and come highly recommended:

  • Buggy Safari – Fun travel adventure including trip to one of Lumbarda’s beaches and lunch inland
  • Spirit of Korcuya – Evening Kayak Trip
  • Horseriding adventure – riding horseback into the sea
  • Korcula Explorers – Bike Ride trip to local produce and wineries in the area – see our review here
  • Alternatively why not try another of our short walks around Lumbarda, perhaps the Lumbarda Bay Walk

They can all be booked through your host or at the local tourist information centre in the square.

Day 6

Checkout Day!


A 7 Day Itinerary Staying at The White House Lumbarda, Korcula Island.

Add 2 longer day trips into your plan; or one longer day trip and another rest and relaxation day!

Day 6 / Night 6 andDay 7/ Night 7

Which day trips do we recommend?

Korcula’s location makes it the ideal base to explore other Islands, or even (due to the excellent ferry service)  the mainland town of Split.

Here are some suggestions which allow ample time at the location for exploring in a day from The White House Lumbarda.

  • Catch the 6.30am ferry to Split ( arrivig at 8.45am). Catching the return ferry at 4pm. Allows a full 6 – 7 hours to explore this fascinating town.
  • Catch the 10.30am ferry to Mljet. Hire a bike and cycle around the national park, or take the ferry to the island on the lake. A ferry back at 4.30pm provides ample time to explore this interesting island nearby.
  • Catch the ferry to Hvar of special interest in May and June when the lavendar blooms. An early evening ferry back provides plenty of time for an adventurous tour of the lavendar fields. Hvar also has a very interesting museum dedicated for famous Croatians that is worth an exploration.
  • Alternatively drive the length of the island to Vela Luka and hike to the cave!
  • If you have hired a moped for a day the the Croatian Peninsula is also worth an exploration, perhaps visit the Kitesurfing and Windsurfing spot of Viganj, or the picturesque coastal village of Loviste.  If you are feeling particularly active then a hike up Snake Mountain, maybe of interest. A short 15min ferry will take you to Orebic enabling you to investigate this area. Ferries to and from Korcula are every half an hour in the daytime.

All ferry times and travel information can be found in this blog post here

Want to plan your time in to match events on the Island, see this blog post here

Do you need more suggestions on how to spend your time while you are staying at The White House Lumbarda?

Visit our list of Things to do on Korcula Island here

And to ensure you see as much as possible,  if like us, you like to plan must see events and places in why not download our travel planner so that all your plans,  information and trips booked is at your fingertips when you arrive?

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