Introducing The White House Lumbarda Yoga Retreat

Our Yoga Retreat offers the perfect combination of relaxation and activities for both the first timer and the Yoga enthusiast.

Reset, recharge and reconnect with the beautiful nature surrounding our comfortable holiday apartments in Lumbarda, Korcula.

September is our Yoga month, where you can enjoy a morning and an evening yoga session outside on our large terrace area overlooking the vineyard, with breathtaking views over the picturesque village of Lumbarda to the sea.

This years retreat takes place from Sunday 11th September – Saturday 17th September.

Introducing Victoria – Your Yoga Instructor


As a keen runner, mountain biker and skier Victoria always knew that ‘stretching’ was important but somehow never managed to make it a priority in her workouts. It was only when she attended a Yoga class with her friend and realised she couldn’t touch her toes; and saw those around her putting their heads on their knees with their legs straight, and gracefully move into the next movement that her competitive side kicked in (not very Yogic!), and she decided to improve her flexibility.

Once she began incorporating Yoga into her regular routine Victoria realised that the Yoga was helping ease some of the aches and pains she was experiencing from her other activities, and she found she was beginning to enjoy taking some time out of her busy day meditating and relaxing.

Victoria enrolled in an anatomy-focused Yoga teacher training course in order to both deepen her understanding of Yoga and also as a personal trainer and ski instructor to incorporate some movement into her classes; and she found she loved teaching yoga classes.

Being a less flexible yoga instructor means that she can understand when her students are worried about not being able ‘to do’ Yoga, and she is a great example of not needing to be stretchy to get all the benefits of yoga!

Through perseverance and dedication Victoria can now touch her toes but is still looking forward to the day that she can do the splits!

We, at The White House Lumbarda with our Total Activity Holidays ethos of welcoming all abilities to our events are proud to have Victoria onboard bringing her refreshing morning routine to empower and uplift you,  and nourishing evening routine combining meditation and breathwork to relax you at the end of the day.

We look forward to welcoming you to our yearly yoga Retreat.

Yoga Retreat Highlights:

  • 1x energising morning yoga routine to awaken your body to the new day
  • 1x relaxing evening yoga routine to calm your mind
  • Specific focus on alignment and anatomy in movement
  • Meditation, breathwork, mindfulness and gratitude as part of the sessions
  • Healthy breakfast smoothie
  • Weekly BBQ
  • Socialisation with likeminded travellers
  • Plenty of free time in the day, and evening to enjoy soft adventure sports and cultural events


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