Be Relaxed

Relaxing Holiday Activities

Suppose your holiday with us on the island of Korcula is more of a relaxing getaway than an adrenalin-fueled one. In that case, we have several activities for people who want to take in the sights, sounds and feelings of this beautiful part of Croatia.

Our Total Activity Holidays team can help you plan your activities, whether that’s sampling some of the local homemade wine from the local vineyards, exploring some of the beaches and swimming in the Adriatic Sea, or exploring Korcula Old Town and the rest of the island.

Your hosts will be pleased to provide trip ideas catered to your holiday, and we are happy to advise and pre-book travel excursions and restaurants to your requirements.


Many visitors to Korcula come to enjoy the sun and the sea on one of the six beaches in Lumbarda. Near The White House are two of the only sandy beaches on the island. One is just 700m from the apartment complex. The most popular ones are Vela Przina beach and Billin Zal beach.

If you want a long stretching sandy beach where you can relax, read a novel, and top up your tan, then Vela Przina is the beach for you. It is popular in the Summer months and has a backdrop of olive trees and Grk wine vineyards. The latter is worth a visit when you’re visiting this beautiful part of the island.

If you’d rather take a walk along the rocky coastline, keeping cool walking along the beachfront, then Billin Zal is one to visit. It’s popular with holidaymakers and tourists on yachts and boats and is a favourite to visit by both locals and visitors.

Wine Tasting

The holiday accommodation at The White House is surrounded by Grk vineyards, which means we’re in an ideal location if you want to sample the excellent local wine and take a tour of the vineyards. Wine tasting is best in the latter part of the day when the sun isn’t as intense, and you can enjoy a glass or two in the warm sun.

Grk wine has been produced for hundreds of years and is considered one of the best locally-produced wines in the area. Our team can arrange your tour with the best winemakers and book your wine tasting afternoon with them directly. These can take place most of the year, and these local professionals are proud to show you around.

There are also several wine festivals several times a year where the wineries bring some of their wine for visitors to sample, compare, and enjoy the historic feel of the village and meet local people.

Some of the producers close to your holiday accommodation on the island include: Branimir Winery, Bire Winery, Lovric Winery, Vitits Winery, and Zure Winery.

Island Tours

Some people who stay with us value their independence, hire a bicycle and head off to explore Korcula island on their own. If you’re not adventurous or don’t fancy getting lost, we can arrange an island tour by land or water taxi.

Korcula has a lot to offer. An historic old town with a fortified medieval feel. Long, narrow streets lead you through to the beautiful crystal-clear waters beyond the battlement of Revelin Tower that guards Korcula’s South land gate. There are also sights to explore, such as the Catheral of St Mark and the promenade with cannons at Tower Rampada.

If you want to learn more about the island’s history, then taking a trip to the house where Marco Polo is said to have been born is a must see.
Our team can help you with maps and directions, or help arrange a guided tour.

Gastronomic Tours

Wine isn’t the only item on the menu that will dance on your tongue and tickle your tastebuds. Food is also a big deal in Croatia, and locally, there are many dishes to choose from.

There is a rich gastronomic history in Korcula old town with local delicacies that every visitor must indulge in guilt-free. On offer will be homemade rustic bread, grilled meats, soups, and fresh seafood that has been caught that day.

Some items that you might want to try:

  • Peka – a pot of meats & vegetables
  • Makaruni – a local pasta with a meat/tomato sauce or seafood or tuna salad
  • Pasticada – marinated beef slowly stewed in a rich wine gravy with vegetables
  • Grilled fish and meat – amazingly fresh fish & seafood
  • Octopus salad – cooked octopus in a salad with onions, olive oil and red wine vinegar

And… if that wasn’t enough, there are other tastes to awaken your palette, including olives, honey, and jam. Close by is an organic honey farm where you can experience the genuine sweetness of organic honey. If you have a sweet tooth, then it’s one place you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy Local Culture

Korcula has a rich local tradition and culture, with many historic buildings being built back in the 15th century. With these traditions comes many different activities where the local people invite visitors to share in Croatian culture.

When you are on the island, one must-see local tradition is the Korcula Sword Dance. This is where local folklore groups perform the traditional sword dance dating back to the seventeenth century. Its history comes from the local army coming together to defend the island.